Get ZIPPY Zipcode and Location Database
United States (US) City / Town, County, State and Zipcode information. Use online version for free or purchase script and database for use on your own website, intranet, or integrate with other software.
The ZIPPY Location Database online tool provides a quick, free means to:
  • Find a Zipcode
  • Reverse Lookup (find City/State/County by zipcode)
  • Perform Partial Data Searches
  • Produce Lists (by City/Town, State, County, Zipcode)
  • Incorporate Zipcode information with other applications

Use Zippy to Find a Zipcode, or Find a City or Town by Zipcode, or List City / Town, State, County and Zipcode using partial location information.

You can Get Zippy for your website, for you home or office computer.

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